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L O V E vs L U S T

Some of us confuse love with lust, and end up getting hurt in the end. Life takes many twists and turns, you may not intend to hurt the other person, but it can happen. That’s why we must have self-awareness, so that we never hurt someone again or be hurt.

Now what is love?

Love, in its purest form shines through,

When you feel compelled to repell from any peril that may threaten your marriage,

The connection ages gracefully because you’ve overcome great obstacles,

Increased patience, you become one flesh, eternally connected,

It has much more depth than just sex.

Love is decisive and not divisive, nor does it play with your mind.

It is consistent honesty and selflessness.

You feel what they feel at any given moment, and you feel moved to improve their mood.

Most importantly, all is reciprocated.

The act of selflessness, you go out of your way to make sure they are doing well, more than you would usually do, and IT IS RECIPROCATED. There’s no need to lie, which builds the trust like a trust fund you want that to accumulate exponentially. When life knocks them down momentarily, you are there to help them come up, you don’t talk down on them, and vice versa. Helping each other out is NEVER a chore, but rather it is an innate thing you have when you truly have love for someone.

You are willing to have difficult conversations that may require the hard truth, in order to prevent misunderstandings and disconnections. You don’t keep secrets from each other. If you feel like you have to, then that person is just not for you, or you may not be ready to be in a relationship.

Love isn’t just an emotion, it is shown through actions that promote growth. It is the deepest level of care and compassion. Love isn’t just about “how a person makes you feel,” it’s about how much they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. Often times, we may mistake love for lust because of “the way it makes you feel.” Emotions can cloud your judgment, and that includes sexual arousal. Just because that person makes you feel aroused doesn’t mean you love them, or vice versa. It’s a trick. This is how people end up in bad relationships, and marriages break apart and the children suffer from the aftermath of it all. It is also quite damaging for children to see their parents have no love for each other. We must be conscientious of the type of example we provide for the younger generation. They grow up never knowing what love really looks like, or they have to go through so many unnecessary things in order to find out which leads to learning it the hard painful way.

Lust is short-lived, instant gratification,

A vacation from reality,

That reaches a screeching halt, suddenly,

So abruptly, that you stumble,

And after it ends the feeling becomes numb,

The beat of the drum diminishes from the heart,

Because the beat been dead already,

We were too mesmerized to notice, the eviction,

Lust is quick to rinse, wash, and repeat a human being, reducing them to a lower frequency.

Lust bears no fruit long-term,

Heartbreak may hit you with brute force, and it does not stand the test of time.

Lust is just an itch you scratch, eventually you stop scratching otherwise you leave a mark. That’s how you know that act isn’t right for your body. Because if lust was a good thing, you wouldn’t feel the need to stop. But because lust is like scratching, it is something only meant to be short-lived.

Wanna know the depth of pain that comes from it? Try to prolong the scratching, and you tell me if that’s good for your skin. Scratching may be satisfying for a little bit, but the longer you do it it will start to bleed, it leaves behind a scab that you become tempted to scratch once again. Now, tell me if that is healthy for you?

Lust sounds more like an addiction rather than an addition to your life. Lust depletes you until your love is deleted. Love goes beyond and transcends fleeting feelings.

Thank you for reading!

One response to “L O V E vs L U S T”

  1. […] And I don’t like seeing people getting hurt like that either, man or woman, in whatever case. Promiscuity serves no one any good. It is not only fruitless, but it keeps men and women away from loving one another, and causes us to repel away from each other. You would think sex brings them together, but it doesn’t because love was never a part of the equation. Another problem is some confuse love with lust. I wrote about this before; it’s titled, “L O V E vs L U S T.” […]


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