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The Beauty of Karma

There’s just something so glorious about overdue justice. The universe has a way of sending the karma that is rightfully deserved. You get what you put out, that is a fact! But unfortunately, some people don’t understand that, nor do they care to.

They’ll say things like, “Oh well, no one’s perfect.” This is true, no one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be consequences for the wrongdoings people have done, and still continue to do. What is baffling to me is how some people think they can just mistreat, betray, decieve, or abuse people and never stop, but they get mad when they are exposed or the universe sends them their punishment. Karma is beautiful because one doesn’t have to go on a revenge spree. You don’t need to make a list and check it twice. Karma has it all handled. Just sit back and watch it unfold.

Like I said, none of us are perfect, but we just have to make sure we get ourselves right so that we reap an abundant harvest.


You may be in pain right now, or maybe it happened in the past and you just happen to reflect on it. Always remember that if you know you didn’t do anything wrong to that person, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever evil they decide to do has nothing to do with you. All you can do is remove yourself from their lives or else you lose peace. Let them do what they wanna do, but remove them from your life. As the years go by, you will know them by their fruit. You will see how much that karma will be kicking their asses, so there’s no need for revenge.

Don’t soil your hands for them.

Do not succumb to the lower level they’re at (that’s what they’re hoping for since they don’t want to rise high) just let them go, and let them be that person they want to be.

You don’t have to surround yourself with that toxicity.

You do not have to become like that either.

Of course, we hope that they change their ways. Everyone has the potential and capacity to change, but unfortunately some don’t. No matter how much they’ve hurt you, do not allow anyone or anything corrupt your character. Keep on walking the way you do, be vigilant, and remain solid. Your sincere good character will tear down the negativity they try to throw at you.

Your consistency of good character will shine through in due time. The harvest has yet to appear. Stay strong and focused on your own goals. The land won’t till itself. In order for you to have a garden, you need to work hard for it. Never mind the foolish distractions. Those people aren’t helping you. They aren’t paying your bills either, so why stress over it?

Keep your focus on point at all times. Don’t let the pain of betrayals corrupt your character. Too many good people turn bad because of rotten fruit that grows beside them. Toxic behavior seems to be contagious, please increase your immunity from these venomous leeches who pollute the beauty of good character within us. They bring the worst out of us, that’s why we get away from that environment because we won’t be able to thrive around under murky conditions. Let them be wicked, dirty, trifling, and shiesty. You don’t have to be like that no matter how long you’ve known them for. Their path will end prematurely unless they change, otherwise karma always arrives on time for the harvest or lack thereof.

There is no greater peace than to know that your hands are clean. Any imperfections or flaws you may have can diminish with discipline and self-awareness. Your sense of remorse over past mistakes is evidence that you have a conscience, and you are indeed walking in the right Spirit.

Keep going!


At the end of the day, life is full of pain and suffering. You either suffer for good or evil. When you suffer for evil, you trade your peace of mind with instant gratification that holds no true value. The reward may appear instantaneous and lavish, but it ends up taking you into strange places. The darkness swallows your true identity, to the point where you lose yourself. It drains you, and sucks the life out of you. The suffering ushers in later on, increasingly, and by the time you begin to regret your decisions it’ll probably be too late.

Either way, life isn’t easy, but the path of righteousness is more fruitful. It will provide you with peace along some of the way. The trail may be arduous and challenging, but there’s always that hope for a water station. Water symbolizes wisdom and the life that it gives us when you finally get to drink it. It refreshes us, so you can continue to hike the rocky roads our life unfolds. You feel much lighter the longer you trek, and you are destined to arrive to that place you seek. Once you get there you will never take it for granted, and you’ll have wonderful stories to tell the next generation of proverbial hikers.

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