Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•V I S I O N•

I realized I don’t need knives,

My eyes pierce through you,

Exposing the hoes behind the mask,

The way you dress doesn’t impress me,

It’s all about where your heart rests,

Are you heartless?

I’ll find this regardless of the honey that drips from your lips,

They provoke a menace within faces that’s innocent, hoping they end up faceless,

The truth is, I can see right through this,

I’ve been a witness, to the same mind games, that nearly drove me insane,

Then got the nerve to ask “are you OK?”

While commiting conniving acts behind my back,

Brainwashing the weak sheeple, recruiting the feeble to go against real people,

Speaking evil with such subtleness, passive aggressiveness, Slander this,

Can bring the violence out of a pacifist,

I never intended to ball my fist, At the source that brought me confusion,

Grooming me until I woke up, nearly a lunatic,

But I still choose to be good to people,

As I become adept at reading them like books,

I got a whole library, you wanna take a look?

I already seen this movie too many times before,

Precise foresight, causing you to take flight,

Because my eyes show that I’m willing to put up a fight,

My light shines luminescently, blinding you from the power I have increased exceedingly,

I emanate excellence the leeches can never reach,

My vision analyzes lying eyes with precision,

Leaving them paralyzed and speechless,

I guess it’s about that time, for them to find new supply,

They’re so predictable,

Same spirit, different people.

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