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Breaking Generational Curses Creates a Shift in the Universe

It takes a very powerful and tenacious individual to embark on such a mission like this. It is said that breaking generational curses is not for the weak. It really isn’t. There’s a lot that goes on. A lot of stumbling, pitfalls, bite marks, spiritual battle scars (sometimes even real scars), etc.

You may have faced a lot of animosity from people, especially from your own family and/or relatives for going against the grain. People have hated you for trying to do the right thing, and you’re often misunderstood by pretty much everyone. The reason why it feels like everyone is against you is because your environment is toxic and mostly everyone around your proximity is operating under darkness or they’re blinded by it.

When you break a generational curse,

You are declaring the end to that dysfunction,

Which ruptures the demonic structure it had them under,

That’s been set in place for decades, and even ages,

The one who breaks it will become a sage.

A shift quickly sifts out the wicked,

Exposing the acts that have been done in darkness,

Secrets ejected from infected heads that were never bred to lead as they reject wisdom,

Which leads them to receive lead poisoning,

And spreading it to those who join their noise campaign,

Meant to smear the names of the innocent,

Causing them to be wrongfully persecuted vehemently,

Justice will leave an impact tremendously,

As the faithful make major life changes,

That puts an end to the toxicity they were raised in.

Untying faulty knots the mindless bots sought to justify throwing rocks,

At the one who arose from the rubble,

Walking through crumbled asphalt to unlock vaults full of gold,

Teaching the world what oughtta be taught so they can behold,

The truth that lived since the days of old,

You leave an imprint on the universe when you break generational curses, and speak words that overturn the feeling of being worthless.

A star was born and when it explodes it only glows brighter,

That’s that supernova powered by Yahovah.

An example of breaking a generational curse is when a loving couple forms a marriage covenant under God, and they both came from a broken family. They are the first to break the curse, so that’s when spiritual warfare kicks in. You may have experienced this if you have escaped from a dysfunctional family unit, and you decided to lead your life in a better direction. You will be in for some spiritual attacks when you marry because the familiar spirits that have haunted your bloodline cannot stay with you, and this agitates them to the core. They feed off of destroying lives and keeping us in the darkness, but when we free ourselves from their bondage they’re not gonna let you go that easily. It’s about to be war because they cannot enter to disturb your life anymore just like they were able to do so with your parents, relatives, and those who came before you. Now, that you are awakened they cannot have that, so they will attack you relentlessly to prevent you from setting yourself free, and from realizing your power to trample on those serpents. They will attack you from all angles, so you better be armed.

Sometimes these demons can manifest inside of relatives who wanna bicker with you or seduce your significant other. It can manifest in a bitter and lonely relative who hates the sight of young people in love because they never had that, and it’s a reminder of their failures. They hate your joy because it destroys their arguments against the opposite sex, and it becomes apparent that their bitterness was the problem the entire time. Most people don’t like to look in the mirror, so they’d rather shatter it while shattering your life.

These demons can manifest in people you used to be with or date in the past who want to appear out of nowhere with nothing but bad intentions of course. But you’re smarter than that, you don’t wanna go back to something that didn’t work before, especially when you know what they’re about. They may just be trying to destroy what you have because they may be miserable, or they just hate to see you happy for whatever reason. Not everyone is like this though, but do be aware of such shady characters.

Also, demons can manifest in a jealous counterfeit friend who hates the fact that you’re not that single lady/man anymore. They may try to cause division or devise conflict in order to break you apart. They could even go as far as to make up lies about that person in order to make you doubt that person’s integrity. They secretly are jealous of your blessings, so be on the lookout for that Judas spirit that may be lurking in your circle.

Lastly, demons can attack you in your sleep by sending you incubus/succubus attacks to rob you of your energy. These attacks are intensified if you have childhood abuse trauma (especially sexual abuse). This is intended to drain you when you get up to the point you feel empty, angry, and unworthy which can affect your marriage. You will experience many instances of sleep paralysis, nightmares, or anxiety attacks. The darkness is hurt that you are the individual who has closed the open portal for good by your righteous actions. The demons hate you for this because you’ve become a threat to them. They will go full throttle and give it all they’ve got to get you to break back into those old cursed ways or substance abuse.

They’re thinking like, “How dare you decide to live better, happier, and more fulfilling? How dare you actually live by the faith and accept the Holy Spirit? How dare you try to achieve peace and eternal life? I’m mad ’cause I can’t get that, so I’ma snatch it from you. Oh no, we’re gonna use everything we’ve got to obliterate you because how dare you end our supply to torment! How dare you put a stop to the cursed bloodline we have been following for years, and enjoying the pain we bring unto them. How dare you end that!? We are coming to get you! Hahaha.” You know this is the type of stuff demons say. Oh yes, and guess what? You’ve got humans who actually feel the same way too. Yup! That’s why the devil loves to use the weak/empty vessels for destruction. They hate to see other people happy because they refuse to cultivate that in themselves. Since they refuse to create, they will resort to stealing, killing, and destroying just like their evil master.

They can try to intimidate you all they want. The truth is the power is within you. It is up to you to stand strong and keep moving ahead in life. You must not be afraid of the demons because they feed off of your negative responses, especially fear. Your fear for them gives them power, so don’t relinquish your power. Realize that you are the power source. Keep that door closed, and know that they can only hurt you if you allow them to. They can only do so much if you allow them, so don’t allow them. Once you have reached this level of spiritual awareness, you will win, but make the right moves to the best of your ability.

Don’t worry about the evil that lurks. All they can do is lurk and watch, but they cannot touch the fire of the anointed ones. They may want to kill you spiritually, but they will not prosper for as long as you remain faithful to your marriage, the narrow path, and to the Most High God. Keep staying strong and be encouraged. When you endure all of this, you will realize and see the power that is within you through your determination. You may be struggling a lot right now, but I promise you that at the end of the road it will all be worth it because you stood tall to your convictions, and you get to enjoy the beautiful fruits that real love brings. Continue to learn, grow, and prosper.

When you make mistakes learn to forgive yourself, and keep going to the right direction. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about never giving up, so stay strong out here.

If you are an individual who has broken generational curses you are a very powerful person. Please congratulate yourself for this because it is a very difficult thing to do. I salute you 🙏

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