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Lies Never Age Well

Whatever bad thing that was said about you will be overturned. You will make them eat their own words through your righteous actions, so don’t give up. Keep your hands clean because they will use your flaws against you as if they never had any.

You know who you are, and the person you once was is no more. You have recreated yourself, so in essence they really don’t know you. They only know the old you, the “you” whom they expected to fail and would one day be destroyed. But here you are rising despite the bullshit.

You should give yourself a pat on the back.
Because while they were talking shit about you, putting curses on you, hoping to see you in shambles, you decided to elevate, ascend, and work on becoming the best version of yourself.

The world will see who’s been telling the truth and who’s been lying, so stay true to who you are because lies never age well.

2 responses to “Lies Never Age Well”

  1. […] Real love comes laced with truth no matter how much it may hurt. Lies hurt more if you ask me, and lies never age well either.If you are a knowledge seeker, it will come easy to you because you can spend the whole day […]


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