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Betrayal: As a Blessing in Disguise

The “Judas” spirit is at an all time high in these last days. Embrace the harsh truth and move on as the wheat is harvested and the tares burn up just like the note above.

As painful as it may be at the moment, your mind will rewire for the better once you fully heal and shift your perspective on betrayal. Your mind will only rewire if you choose the path of light where you will be receptive to wisdom. Otherwise, the darkness will consume you, the lesson will not be learned, and you will lose yourself in the process. It is absolutely crucial for you to heal any wounds you may have from past traumas from childhood and other life experiences. We can all agree that we have experienced betrayal one way or another. It’s happened to all of us. Unfortunately, betrayal is just a part of life, and it’s human nature when it’s at a very low vibration.

We must focus on shifting our gaze toward the path of light whenever we experience betrayal. Betrayal is an attack on your mind and spirit that is aimed to lower your vibration, and the lower you submerge yourself into the depths of darkness, the harder it will be to see the light above. That’s the goal of the enemy: to keep you in darkness and prevent ascension. Betrayal is a part of the human experience that is suppose to break you into either becoming a better version of yourself, or cause you to go out of character. The shift can either be good or bad. It all depends on how you react and what you decide to do.
Please note: If you find yourself breaking out of character and you go through a temporary period where you are operating under a toxic frequency, don’t be so hard on yourself. Take accountability, learn from your mistakes, and try to make things right. Get back up again and keep walking toward the path of light which is indeed narrow.

Whenever you face betrayal, view it as a veil that has just lifted, and what you see was meant for you to see. Can you imagine going through life completely oblivious as to who your enemies really are and what they’re doing behind your back? Conniving aren’t they? And you’ll be hard pressed to find out that those individuals who bring you the most pain are those closest to you. That guy or girl you’re dating, in a relationship or marriage with, can be stabbing you right in your back right now, probably living a double life. Oh, or that friend you thought was a friend is really a false confidant who’s been airing out your business to those who despise you. What is the reason really? The truth is they don’t need one. Ha! People will find little petty reasons to go against you. Therefore, their perception of you is irrelevant because it’s inaccurate. It’s not like they actually wanna get to know you, so don’t worry about these things. In due time you will realize that betrayal tells us everything about them, and not you. As long as you remain loyal, you have nothing to worry about.

Loyalty is a great virtue to have, and it’s very rewarding but even then people don’t seem to see that. They think that using people and getting over on unsuspecting bystanders is the way to go, not realizing the karma that is compounded overtime like interest rates. No one can be easily released after doing a bunch of people wrong, especially empaths and good people out there. Think about that. We know good people get hurt the most, and sometimes we feel like giving up. Don’t allow the pain of betrayal to harden your heart. Don’t allow it to fill you up with poison and cause you to want to spread it to others. No. Instead, heal and find your power to extract that poison out of you, so you can be your good self again.

We know the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” Well, that’s why we must heal from old wounds, so we can no longer be hurt and prevent ourselves from becoming cancerous to others. No more having that chip on your shoulder. No more allowing the pain of the past to control your current decisions that will drastically change the trajectory of your future. No more living in the past! Hurt people only hurt people because they haven’t healed yet.

Through healing you will gain wisdom that will bring you comfort, and it will make sense out of those terrible experiences you’ve had. Trust me. I’ve done the work of healing myself, and it’s been a very long journey with plenty of ups and downs, but the gems I’ve unearthed has empowered me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I have chosen to spread light onto others instead of poison. That is a testament to great strength that is worth pursuing.

Remember that betrayal shows us the lack of character that individual has. They absolutely don’t care about you nor do they respect you. It shows us everything we need to know about them. You will realize that it was a blessing in disguise because it made it easy for you to let that person go. Maybe it caught you by surprise because you never expected them to do such a thing. Well, now you know what they’re capable of, and you must accept that disturbing reality for what it is. Don’t be delusional. Take all that shit in, walk away and never return to that vomit. There’s nothing that needs to be talked about once you seen it all. Some things you just cannot unsee, otherwise you’ll be digging yourself further down into a deeper hole of delusion which can be your grave. You gotta be wide awake in life.

Betrayal is a painful way of sifting out the fake people from your life. It shakes shit up, so at that moment it can throw you in for a loop until time goes by and you realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to you. That betrayal showed you everything you needed to know, and it made it easier for you to cut the cancer before it grew into a bigger tumor. Be thankful when certain people leave your life. Now, I’m not saying that all people that leave your life are bad. I’m talking about those certain individuals who’ve proven themselves to be untrustworthy and have a lack of character that is beyond stupid and pathetic.

Allow God to do the cleaning for you. Allow the universe to show you what you were meant to know. Betrayal is a way to cut ties with those certain individuals who are no good. Not everyone is out to get you, but it’s important to be aware and prepare your mind for any enemy attacks. Once you’ve gone through enough bullshit in life this will become easier to deal with. You will expect the worst without being pessimistic. You will have a perfect balance of positivity and realism. You will be open to meeting better people, all while keeping a vigilant eye on the possibility for the enemy’s attempt to infiltrate into your life. You remain ten steps ahead of the game. How do you do this? By thinking like the enemy, and coming up with all possible strategies they could use against you to defeat you. In order to do this you must have some degree of cynicism, but you only use it as a tool to have greater sight to foresee enemy attacks, and be able to counteract them. It’s easy to win when you seen it before it happened. That is the power of intuition and elevated spiritual sight given by the Divine Creator, and we are the light that resonates with Him as we walk in this truth.

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