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The Importance of Knowing Your Worth

Unknown author

I cannot stress this enough. Please take the moment to allow the title of this post to sink into your mind. Let it marinate. Better yet, let it slow cook deep into your psyche until it becomes a reality. Always remember to KNOW YOUR WORTH.

You determine YOUR value, and you have the power to increase it overtime by making wise decisions that will set you up for success. When you don’t value yourself you tend to have low expectations which gives you a scarcity mindset, and you’ll reach for low-hanging fruit because YOU think that’s all you deserve or that that’s the best you can do. The longer you go on making shitty decisions, the more you’ll decrease your value, and the results can be catastrophic. If you go in too deep, the damage can be irreversible. You do NOT want to reach to the point of no return, so let’s take heed to truth and wisdom. That’s why I’m emphasizing the importance of knowing your worth because that’s where it all starts. This is why healing is so important because you elevate your vibration which clears the negativity out of your mind, so you can love yourself enough to make better decisions.

Unknown author

Past traumas can cause you to have a low sense of self-worth, depression, and low self-esteem. These things manifest into negative thought patterns that continue to persist as you progress in age, and it can literally remain ingrained in your brain which causes you to grow bitter. That is unless you heal, and when you do, you will experience a great sense of relief, peace, and joy that you never thought possible. Believe me when I tell you that the healing journey is worth the pain of confronting your insecurities, past mistakes, and uncomfortable truths. I will be writing more in regards to healing now that I mentioned it because it’s not a linear process, and we could all use as much insight as possible to fix our broken brains.

Hey, my brain was broken 💔 too, so don’t feel bad. Be proud of yourself for putting in the work to become better. You get what you deserve based on the work you’re willing to put in, so don’t let anyone bring you down or make you feel unworthy to grow.

Let’s talk about that shall we?

Lets talk about… The Soulless Ones Who TRY to Discourage Your Growth

Yeah, this can be anyone. They can be your fake ass friends, toxic family members, annoying co-workers, hostile managers, psychopathic exes or current partners, etc. I mean your enemy can be anyone, but don’t get paranoid. Not everyone is your enemy, but be very aware. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go through it, you could’ve observed others going through it, and you learned from their mistakes.

Keep your eyes wide open, and the more you witness or experience betrayal and bullshit, the more this stuff won’t surprise you. You will eventually become bulletproof without becoming cold-hearted. You wanna turn that pain into strength and wisdom, and preserving the goodness of your heart, so that you can become a spiritual samurai. You’ll become a sharp shooter when it comes to detecting real enemy threats, and you’ll be able to cut the cancer before it grows into a bigger tumor.

As you begin to heal there’s going to be people (usually from your past) who will try to discourage you from healing. Oh yeah, but what kind of person would do that?

Only a demonic individual would be threatened by your healing process and personal growth. Note: It’s not the individual who’s against you. It’s the demons inside of them. All of this is spiritual.

Unknown author

Why are they so threatened by our growth?

That’s a great question. Well, I don’t understand why any human being would have a problem with you healing, unless they’ve been benefitting off of your brokenness. The moment you know your worth, that is when they can no longer use and abuse you, and they lose all power over you. Only such people would be threatened by your growth because that is when you will NO LONGER tolerate their bullshit. They loved seeing you in a lower state, and they were hoping to see you in shambles, but things didn’t quite happen that way. They were hoping to see you still hurt, so they can feel good about their pathetic lives.

What kind of person hates to see you healed?

Sounds like a toxic ass person to me. Only an evil individual will hate to see others healing and doing better in life.

Why the fuck are they so concerned about your well-being?

Well, it’s not because they care.

Hell no.

They’re trying to see if you have fallen flat on your face, so they can laugh at you, but instead you gave them the surprise of their life. Now, they’re the ones crying because you are winning and you are shining so beautifully.

They’re also mad that you’re STILL STANDING after all those years of pain along with the aftermath of past traumas that stemmed from your childhood.

YOU STILL MADE IT, and you made it without them. This crushes their fragile ego. Ay Pobrecito! I mean I don’t get why they’re so mad. It’s not like they wanted to build with you in the first place. They kicked dirt on your name, tried to use and abuse you, played mind games with you AS IF you’re stupid, and treated you like you’re a nobody. Then, after all that disrespect, they got the nerve to be mad when you have great things coming your way, and you want nothing to do with them. Ha! Wow, the audacity!

Oh, and you know what else they see that they hate? They see an empowered individual who finally KNOWS THEIR WORTH. These toxic individuals never thought that you would ever know your worth. That’s why they tried so hard to bring you down and devalue you, but you rose from the fucking ashes and became a stronger, wiser, and a more beautiful individual. Despite all the pain and suffering, you have succeeded at being a great human being by taking accountability for your mistakes, acknowledging your weaknesses, and HEALING FROM THERE.

We’re not all perfect, so stop beating yourself up for the past folly. It’s time to change and become better.

Heal, but in order to heal YOU MUST KNOW YOUR WORTH because if you don’t you will never heal. And if you never heal, you will live a miserable life.

I feel this quote right here, and this can apply for men as well who have gone through hell in this cold world.


Because it empowers you. It is a power that comes from within, and no one can take it from you unless you allow it. If you ever lost that power, you must get it back, and stand up for yourself. Never ever let anyone disrespect you or treat you like shit EVER AGAIN. It’s your power, so you better claim it otherwise someone’s gonna come around and beat you in the head with it. Take what belongs to you. If you’ve ever been robbed of your energy and power, you better claim that shit back, and make it permanently yours because IT IS YOURS. Take your power back and NEVER look back because we are firm believers of never going back to our own vomit 🤢.

Knowing your worth prevents you from getting hurt because you’re not willing to put up with anyone’s bullshit. You are in total control of what you’re willing to tolerate. You don’t have to sit there and take that. Arise, stand up for yourself, and snatch that power right out of your abusers’ and enemies’ clutches. You let’em know it’s yours, and collect all of your energy back by cutting them off for good. It’s your life and you don’t have to tolerate abuse from anyone. Gain the courage to take your power back because now you know your worth.

YOU determine YOUR WORTH, not them, so stop allowing them to belittle you. Stop giving them the power to decrease your sense of self-worth. Stop letting them reduce you into little miniscule pieces.

They’ve broken you, right? Actually, no. They TRIED to break you.

Do you know why they TRIED to do that?

Unknown author

Because you have a lot of value stored inside of you that you probably didn’t even know about due to your humility. If you were really “nothing,” then there wouldn’t be anything for them to break or take. They need something to break, and you have a lot to offer which means they have a lot to destroy. Because you are so valuable, they will try so hard to minimize you, and make you feel insignificant and worthless. You have to ask yourself, “Well, if I’m so worthless then why are they going out of their way to hurt me and make me believe that I’m nothing?”

That’s because “you really are something else” and they may even admit that to your face. This means that they know how great you really are, and instead of joining forces with you to build a better life and make positive contributions together, they decided to disrespect, mock, and/or betray you. They tried to destroy you, but they have failed. If you’re reading this right now, then you know they have failed because things will only get better from here on out as you keep getting knowledge.

They may have burned you, but guess what though… You are like a wax sculpture, and that pain was the fire needed to mold you into a sharper, new, and improved self. We have no choice but to make something nice out of this shit. Mind as well, right? Yeah, you can put your pieces together, and recreate yourself into a new creature that is far more beautiful, majestic, powerful, and intelligent than ever before.

Yeah, they had their fun breaking you, making fun of you, and celebrating your demise. Well, they’re NOT gonna have anything to celebrate because your come-up will give them one hell of a rude awakening. Let’s go shit on their party by becoming the very thing that they feared: an empowered individual who KNOWS THEIR WORTH. They’re gonna have to cancel those plans because THERE WILL BE NO DEMISE FOR THEM TO CELEBRATE. I mean unless they celebrate their own collapse because they will be the ones who will end up losing for trying their very best to destroy you.

You can accomplish many things the moment you KNOW YOUR WORTH. If you made it this far, you better know your worth, or I’ma keep writing until you do. YOU BETTER KNOW YOUR WORTH DAMMIT!!! 🤑

Unknown author

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