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The True Essence of Forgiveness

As I was thinking about the things that have happened in the past, I tend to ruminate a lot about what others have done to me. Lately, I’ve been finding myself writing about those things including my past traumas. Today, I realized something wonderful. As I’m writing and reading it back to myself, I realized that these things no longer bother me. It really is in the past, and the fact that I wrote those short stories in 3rd person really helped me a lot.

There is power behind writing about your childhood, social, and relationship traumas in third person because you are removing yourself when you talk about it. It makes sense to do this because you are acknowledging the root of your issues all while seeing that all that is in the past. You are no longer bound to it. I found myself detached from the pain and sorrow it once brought me, especially as I began to grow wiser.

Spiritual ascension allowed me to have a bird’s eye view of everything so I can see the bigger picture of it all. It allowed me to not take anything they did to me personal. I understood what they were going through, and even have traveled through the confines of their mind to see and feel the traumas that caused them to become that way. This is the power of empathy, and as a former broken individual it hits home to have compassion for others who are considered “broken.”

Our brokenness can stem from toxic environments, dysfunctional homes, heartbreaks, abusive relationships, and betrayal. When we are hurt we tend to act out of character because we cannot fathom how these things are taking place.
It is because I’ve once operated under a “negative” and “toxic” frequency that I comprehend the errors people make and what causes them to end up in the predicament they are in.
People aren’t just born toxic, and not all broken people are evil. Toxicity can be relieved when the individual decides to heal.

I may have a high amount of empathy, but I’m also a determined problem solver who will encourage others to always find their way out of a bad situation. Solutions is what I strive to attain so I can arm myself to help myself and others I may come across.

It is because of empathy that it’s easy for me to forgive. As I write about the things that once made me upset, I realized that it no longer bothers me anymore. It really has no power over me, and I mean that. I feel nothing toward the situation. It feels as though it never happened because I’m living in the present now, and I look forward to my future. This was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced as a person who once struggled with anger issues. I love the fact that I no longer feel controlled by my anger, and I have completely detached myself from my past traumas.

As I read it again, I realized that I no longer feel angry anymore, and I actually don’t feel any negative emotions toward them. I actually wish them the best, and hopefully they can one day heal the way that I did. (Sidenote: I could give a shit about the two wicked males who sexually abused me as a child. They can go to hell.). Other than that I forgive everyone else who’s hurt me in the past because I know that they were reacting to their own traumas, and they didn’t know any better. We’re in the same boat here, and my wish is for us to forgive ourselves too, and move on with our lives in harmony.

It is today that I finally began to realize the true feeling of forgiveness, and the power of it. Great peace will come upon those with empathy and wisdom as we can comprehend people on a very deep level. Forgiveness has released me from the bondage of anger and resentment, and I feel like I’m truly alive.

In the past, I’ve said to myself that I’ve forgiven this person, but I would still feel resentment, contempt, or anxiety. But now I’m in a place where I don’t feel any of those things at all. I have genuinely let go of everything that has tried to hold me back, and now I’ve discovered a new layer of joy which will allow me to live peacefully. This was the exact thing I’ve been looking for all my life, and I would love for you all to experience this too.

Most importantly, I forgive because I would like to be forgiven too.

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  1. Would you write these with the end user I mid? I’m asking cause I have only shared on one scary thing. Once you share there is no going back so I’m hesitant.


    1. Thank you for reading. What do you mean by “end user I mid?” I’m not sure what you’re asking.

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