Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•E U L O G Y•

It’s time to bury’em,
No need to dig graves,
They already did,
Thinking we’d fall in.
But instead we ascend,
As they descend into the trenches,
That matches their stench,
Of sulphuric acid and death.

God gave us the gift of vision, to see through the facade of these frauds,
Who tried to assault us during our walk,
From a distance they look amicable,
But Lord knows the evil they’re capable,
Se ven simpaticos pero
No tenemos simpatia pal psychopatico,
Ese tipo piensa que somos estupidos,
Cuando nuestro vision es psiquico,
Mis sueños son lucidos
Que trai la luz
Pa exponer el culo de los demonios que dominan la oscuridad,
Los maliantes siempre sufriran,
La karma si es de verdad.

The fallen angels have failed their mission,
El diablo will leave an incision on his minions,
Who’ve diligently done his dirty work,
Now murkey waters shall be where they dwell in,
Eternal damnation for snatching and battering the souls on Earth with no remorse,
Peace becomes a privilege,
Because every chance they get,
They never rest lest they bring the rest down to the furnace,
Yearning to burn this,
Until the messages reach the right ears,
Who will correct their lenses,
And learn from their lessons,
Accountability, Repentance is
The important ingredient for God’s grace,
Not the phony praises that slip from the counterfeit’s lips,
Whose heart is not right within,
They get a kick outta living in,
Willfull sins to destroy many kins,
Their names remain printed on the victims, Whose cries are magnified in the Heavens,
To restore the years of blood and tears they’ve been shedding,
The wicked won’t be acquitted,
Instead they get impending anguish, Because the immense pain they’ve inflicted on the innocent,
Is the pleasure they relish in selfishly.

How many more chances do they need before they hit the grave?
You can’t save a soul once it’s dead,
The Truth they hate has already been written,
On the Good Book some of them claim to believe in,
But their heart does not even lean in,
They’re more likened unto demons,
As they cleave onto deviance which keeps them breathing.

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