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The Power That Pain Brings

Your enemies will always fail to destroy you at every moment that you prove yourself to be resilient. So resilient that you can’t even believe it. That is the only beauty you’ll find in these painful experiences: that power that was always within you that you had no idea that you had. You are a very powerful person if you can go through the fire and still come out a precious gem who has NOT hardened their heart.

Most people give up their royal garments to become reduced to pigs rolling in their own filth, and then pretending like the excrement doesn’t exist. Oh, it exists and we can smell that odorous stench. Don’t allow anyone or anything to corrupt your character. The moment you let that happen is the moment you’ve given your power away to them because they were able to change you for the worst. That’s what they were hoping for. They wanted to convert you to evil, so that you become empty just like them. Don’t let them win. Let them lose like the losers they are for bringing you down, mistreating, disrespecting, using, and abusing you. The fact that they have to stoop so low just goes to show you how weak and pathetic they are, and how much of a loser they are for even attempting to destroy a good-hearted beautiful person like yourself.

Don’t let them take your soul.

The best way to reclaim your power is to allow that pain to fuel you into recreating a better version of yourself. You see, a lot of these people hurt you in hopes that it damages you permanently because they have a ruthless thirst for destruction. They win the moment you decide to give up on yourself, and you wallow in the misery that they’ve brought forth. Please note, that that misery they give you is what they have inside of themselves. They suffer more than you do, so they want to bring down as many people as they can.

Misery doesn’t like to be alone. We don’t entertain that kind of company around here. They were hoping that they were able to kill your spirit, but they have failed because you got back up and became greater than they could ever be. You win when you don’t allow them to keep you from growing everyday. You keep focusing on self-improvement and becoming a more solid person each and every day.

You no longer need the validation from others to keep you going because you know you are great. You keep going no matter what life throws at you. Allow the knives they throw at you to sharpen you into an even more beautiful well-defined sculpture sculpted into a perfected structure, and watch their weapons get deflected by our strong presence, the aura of confidence they can never break.

You were already broken before, so you already know how to self-heal, and you’ve mastered the art of self-love that which your enemies can’t do. Why do you think they want to destroy you so bad? Because they can’t build anything, and they hate seeing others building. It kills them to see you shining more than ever before because they expected you to be finished. They were getting ready to laugh at your demise only to realize that you’re rising and become wiser.

The pain they bring you is only a reflection of what they have to offer which is nothing. If pain is all they can give you, then you’re not missing out on anything, trust me. They inflict pain on you in hopes that it destroys every fabric of your being. They wanted to eradicate your existence, but you remain persistent because you were always valuable.

They knew this from the beginning. That’s why they attacked you because if you were really worthless, then there wouldn’t be anything to attack in the first place. You can’t destroy something that’s already been destroyed, so they go after greatness in hopes they can destroy it. They didn’t want you to know how beautiful you really are. They knew you were valuable, and they wanted to diminish it, so that you become evil or miserable like them. Their plans have failed, and it will continue to fail for as long as these words exist. For every person who reads these words, you will be encouraged to get back up, reclaim what is rightfully yours, and you will become an empowered individual.

You are very powerful if you can still love despite having past traumas and constant betrayals. Don’t give anyone the power to destroy your ability to love. Love is our superpower, and it will always be that way as we keep it alive. It will always be alive because love comes from God which means it’s infinite. Keep that gift of love with you. Never let anyone snatch that from you. If you can still love, you have already won, and you will always be the winner.

You were made to believe that you were worthless, but you have proven them wrong by your tenacity and consistency in staying true to your path of purpose. Your enemies will be perplexed to see how much brighter your light will shine, to the point it leaves them blind and speechless. They are going to wish they never messed with you because you are truly a rarity that they couldn’t appreciate. That’s OK because your sense of self-worth does NOT depend on them.

Remember that for as long as you keep having a good heart, you will always win no matter how much pain life brings you. Arm yourself with knowledge and wisdom, so no one can use and abuse you again.

Always remember to take very good care of yourself, and know that you have the power to speak and bring life into existence. Your power comes from the Most High who blesses the good-hearted ones in the end, always and forever.

Stay Empowered For Eternity

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