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When it Gets Tough

“I’ve got a lot of problems I have to deal with…”

Digging up precious jewels isn’t ever going to be easy. It wouldn’t be so rewarding if things came to us to easily. You want to unlock your full potential, and that only happens when the going gets TOUGH.

The healing comes when you don’t focus so much on the feeling, unpeel the emotions and you’ll see the commotion, senses can be deceiving,

A sudden clever idea is as satisfying as retrieving deleted memes,

After all that mining, you’ve finally struck a diamond, (it would’ve never happened if you didn’t endure the ROUGH) you grow to have a new found admiration for prior dire situations,

When you may have contemplated dying, lying down lifeless due to stress, suicide only exacerbates suffering, your soul recycles, putting you back into the cycle, back with the psychos,

You’ll never know whom you’ve inspired through all your trials, give them a result that’ll make them smile,

Progress exists at every mile you trek ahead, no point in ending it, you may reincarnate and restart the process again.

Just like in an ultra-marathon, very challenging to the human spirit, but we want to run ’til we get to the finish line. No sense in quitting, you’d have to start over next time.

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” – David Goggins

Nevermind the blood clots, sweaty wet drenched socks, rocks blocking our path, stumbling on rough rubble.

Nevermind the leg stiffness, shin splints, nerve pain kissing your latissimus muscles, running fumbling, but you’re still living.

We’re on a mission to win this, and many are present to witness your gifts, talent and resilience.

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