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Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis

In the middle of the night, you wake up from a deep sleep but you can’t move or speak. You may sense an eerie feeling, you may sense an ominous presence lurking beside your bed…

Photo credit to Sleep Cycle.

Have you ever experienced this before?

If so, you are not alone. There are plenty of testimonies out there about people who’ve been through sleep paralysis. Some say it induces sudden panic that can be a frightening experience that may cause anxiety to linger. Others say it’s just a weird experience that means nothing, that it’s just a disruption of the sleep cycle, nothing to see here…

What is Sleep Paralysis?

In secular terms, it is a disruption of the sleep cycle. It happens when your conscious mind awakens from deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, but your body is still in sleep mode. When you are in REM sleep mode, your body is very relaxed, to the point your body is somewhat paralyzed in order to prevent you from physically acting out your dreams. Because usually we have dreams during REM sleep, therefore our brain has a genius way of making sure we don’t move while we dream.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have this and we proceed to dream about running from a bear, flying, driving in a high speed chase, fighting ninja warriors, etc? Imagine if our physical body acted those movements out? We’d probably hurt ourselves or those laying next to us. And that’s why the paralysis is there during our REM sleep stage, but the problem happens when our mind awakens while our body is still asleep. It can be frightening. Normally, it’s just a disruption of the sleep, and this is true. But not all sleep paralysis episodes are quite normal. Some are quite strange indeed, and deserve a more in-depth explanation.

A Spiritual Analysis

Sleep paralysis is quite an interesting phenomenon that cannot be thoroughly explained in solely physical terms. I believe some sleep paralysis episodes are not only a disruption of sleep, but rather some episodes can be a nocturnal turbulence occurring turning your vision blurry, due to the portals that are opening at the moment. What I mean is that allegedly, sleep paralysis bridges the physical realm with the interdimmensional realm by way of opening portals, which causes a disruption to your sleep due to the presence of evil spirits and/or a heavy concentration of electromagnetic frequencies or low energy. Surely, there’s no solid proof of what it actually is, but one things for sure, it goes beyond what we think we know. It’s always good to keep your mind open and not underestimate what is unknown to us.

There’s no solid scientific proof, however all the have is testimonies by many people about this strange phenomenon. Here’s one:

I remember waking up with sleep paralysis, usually I try to shake my foot in order to awaken my whole body, but this time it was different. Right then and there, I knew that it wasn’t just a sleep disturbance but rather something supernatural. Not only was my body unable to move, but I felt something heavy pressing on my chest. And I’ve felt hands wrapped around my neck, and my breath felt like it was being sucked out of me. I saw a long skinny shadow standing right before me, and it’s darkness hovered right above me. It was scary at the time. But I realized that once I stopped feeding it my fear, it’s power would diminish. Faith over fear, along with prayer, has been a great remedy whenever I experience this.

Usually, people experience sleep paralysis when they’ve been sleep deprived, exhausted, or stressed out. Ok, this explains the disruption of REM sleep where you cannot move or speak for a couple minutes.

Ok. But what explains the hands felt around the neck as if you’re about to get strangled along with the difficulty breathing? And what about the eerie shadow?

Hallucinations they call it. It can very well be, sure. But Hallucinations don’t actually get to touch you, so that doesn’t explain the phantom chokehold. Seems like something else to me.

Also, if it’s just a physical thing, then how is it that prayer immediately causes the shadows to vanish? Words carry vibration (it can even be used telepathically if you cannot speak verbally) that alters the frequencies around us by raising the energy higher. So, there is power in prayer that the spiritual realm abides by. But if we’re being told how unreal these things are then how can we be prepared for these spiritual attacks when it does come? Either way, everyone’s entitled to their opinion just like we’re entitled to ask questions about the unknown.

There’s a saying in Spanish that goes, “Se te subio la muerte” (The death spirit laid atop of you). This phrase describes the “old hag” archetype. All over the world, the supernatural aspect of sleep paralysis is known, but it’s considered to be nothing more than just a myth to describe sleep disruption. As always, the existence of a spiritual realm is constantly being denied and supressed. Of course science cannot prove it! Science is the study of the physical realm that which can be experimented and thoroughly examined. The spiritual realm is metaphysical, outside of our ability to touch and test its credibility. Despite this, that doesn’t mean the spiritual realm isn’t real.

Our mind is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm because that is where the pineal gland (the 3rd eye) is located in. There’s something very intriguing about that.

13 responses to “Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis”

  1. This is so true and relatable. Like it happens all the time, yet most of us don’t realize it!

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    1. Yeah, It’s very fascinating and strange at the same time. Have you had these experiences often?


  2. Yeah many times, earlier, even I used to get confused.

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  3. well, speaking from a truly atheist viewpoint, I am currently experiencing sleep paralysis on a nightly basis, I am exhausted, I have huge amounts of stress, deal with PTSD from a trauma filled life, I am an insomniac and I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. But, and this is where my mind is messing with me, I have experienced the phantom shadow coming at me with mouth agape and sharp fangs on show, something akin to a gargoyle like appearance, or a cat on steroids. That one has freaked me out entirely, because, I know I saw it. I was sat up and wide awake after fighting out of the paralysis. I had just settled back into bed after stomping around the room swearing my head off at the tricks my brain was playing on me, I then calmed down and had a warm water drink to settle me. That was when the mad cat thing happened. I have no explanation.

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    1. First of all, I’d like to thank you for reading and commenting here.

      I have found that things that have no explanation tend to be things that are beyond our physical grasp, which means it is interdimensional. I’m a former agnostic/atheist so I can kind of see where you may be coming from. However, after having had many paranormal experiences and spiritual attacks, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a spiritual realm, and it plays a huge role on how our minds operate. My suggestion would be to keep an open mind and meditate on it, but I can say for certain that the spiritual realm does exist, it is also known as the 5th dimension.

      Evil spirits feed off of trauma and everything negative that surrounds a certain area or person. It is impossible to make sense out of any of this stuff without keeping an open mind about the spiritual realm.

      I tried to ignore it, and not believe in it, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not, it’s still real and it can take a hold of you. It is easier for them to torment those unaware of what is taking place.

      Since it is evident that evil runs rampant, then there must be an opposite to that. Therefore, if there is a devil, then there’s a God. The devil isn’t just one entity alone, it is a legion of them that oppress who they can.

      I know you are an atheist, but the only way I was able to cope with this thing, along with other trauma, was by learning more about the spiritual realm, and just asking God to reveal the truth to me.

      I would recommend maybe listening to John Ramirez testimony, he was a former Satanist who talks a lot about the dark side and how these spirits operate.

      I hope this helped.
      Healing takes small steps, and making sense out of this insane world.

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      1. Thank you for your measured and well thought out response, and also for respecting my atheism! Not many people do. I am currently learning the art of meditation but my mind is never still so it is an uphill struggle, I will persevere. I am a long way from the god state of mind but I shall keep an open mind as to the rest of it. I came from a very religious catholic upbringing, which brought with it it’s own traumas, hence the atheism. Thus far, that state of mind has served me well. I understand that believing in a religion and believing that there may be a god are two entirely different things and not dependent on each other, and therefore I am willing to explore the latter. I just need some sleep first! I will look into John Ramirez and have a listen. Thanks again.

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      2. Hey, I’m glad you shared this with me. I grew up catholic too, and I was scrambling to find the truth. I went through quite a journey trying to seek the truth because I knew these religions have a little truth laced with lies. Catholicism contradicts the Bible because their traditions are pagan, but they’ll try to act like you need to follow their religion to be “saved”. Most churches are corrupt. I personally don’t go to church. I have a personal relationship with God. The temple is your body, not a building. In order to connect with God we have to take care of our temple.
        As far as you saying that your catholic upbringing “it’s own traumas,” Yeah this is true. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about the catholic church and conservative christian households. I can see how this will make trauma survivors lean toward atheism. That’s why I respect it because i understand it.I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not that you don’t believe in God, you just don’t believe in Man. The churches made Man (the preacher) their god which goes against God, whom they claim to worship. Catholics call their preacher “Father” which is idolatry and blasphemy, yet they claim they follow God.
        Also note, if Jesus were to appear today these religious hypocrites would despise him. So you’re not against God. You are against corruption and evil. The worst kind of evil is the kind that disguises itself as benevolent, with the audacity to use God’s name. They are misrepresenting the truth.
        Also, these ultra religious people don’t care to help, nor do they have the wisdom about spiritual attacks. There are Christians who don’t believe in the spiritual realm, they’re no different from atheists only difference is they want to act like they’re better than the actual atheists.
        I cannot blame you for being an atheist, catholicism makes you wanna be atheist because there’s just so many lies out here that we don’t know what to believe. And sometimes you can go through so much pain that you cannot understand how there could be a God.
        You’re on the right track with differentiating between religion and God. The truth is God, when you seek it you will find it.
        Strive your self-improvement, seek the truth, and learn with discernment because this world is full of lies in this information age.
        You mentioned meditation which is beneficial to unplugging from the noise.
        Prayer is basically speaking words into existence in attempts to elevate the frequency of your home and your temple.
        Keep your head up 🙏

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      3. You’re welcome! 😎

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