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7 Keys to Success

Some people define success as having material gain. Though, you do want to be financially stable and build wealth, there is more to success than just money. Success can also be defined as the moment you’ve achieved great peace and security within yourself. So much so, that you feel like you can take on the whole world, and no one can stop you. We need that kind of positive energy. However, there will be times when you’ll be faced with some challenges that may mess with your mental well-being. There will be times when you’ll feel drained, and it’s worse if you overthink.

Before you can embark on that journey you must make sure you have your mind in the right place. The mind is KEY to everything you decide to do. You must mentally prepare for any curveballs that may be thrown at you.

1. Learn to accept constructive criticism

None of us like to hear about how terrible we’ve done, or how much we’ve failed before. But take a listen to the facts that can help you improve. Honest feedback is key to greater improvement. Don’t take it personal if the feedback isn’t satisfactory. Understand that whatever you lack in can be improved. But how can you improve if you don’t know what your weaknesses are? And sometimes the truth will hurt. It often does, but harsh truths that are constructive can make YOU indestructible. In order for you to be the best at anything, you need to have greater self-awareness. You need to know what you’re lacking at in order to focus your attention on getting better at those things.

Remember, just because you messed up on something doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It can always be fixed.. Therefore, take heed to constructive criticism, and put your mind into making a better version of you. Without honest feedback, you can never be great.

2. Be self-motivated and independent

This journey requires you to be autonomous. You must be comfortable with being alone because it is all up to you! Don’t expect others to stick around for the long haul. If you do have real people close to you, then you are certainly blessed. However, we must be able to embark on this journey alone if we have to. We should not be codependent on others. You have to be able to give yourself pep talks, and keep yourself motivated 24/7. No one else will push you harder than your damn self!

3. Prepare for the haters

Be ready for the haters that will come to try to disrupt your cloud 9 vibe. There are many energy leeches out there who take pleasure in ruining your day. Usually, the people who hate on you don’t have anything going for themsleves, so always remember that. Do not take these haters seriously. They are just mad that you are making real moves and making it happen. Keep doing you. As long as you are minding your business and staying focused, you have no reason to pay haters your attention. There’s a saying that goes, “You know you’re doing something right when you’ve got haters!”

At the end of the day, you know who you are more than anyone else, so don’t let anyone step you off your square. You have a lane to run on, so OWN IT. these haters are NOT in your lane. Hell, they’re not even in your league! They ain’t even running!!! Yet they talk the most because more than likely they cannot do what you do. They don’t even want to do what you do, yet they’re mad YOU’RE doing it. So, just keep doing what you’re doing!

4. Be prepared to lose friends

This goes back to #2, you have to be comfortable being alone. The only way for you to cultivate your own talents is by spending time alone to perfect it. As you begin to rise, slowly but surely, you will lose friends. It doesn’t have to be this way. We’d all like for our friends to support us, be happy for us, and rise with us, but that’s not always the case in real life. Now, you may have a few real friends who genuinely care for your success. But we cannot always rely on them to get the job done. Be prepared for the worst to happen, so when it does happen you will not be surprised. That way, you can remain strong and focused. Check out “Reasons why I expect the Worst Case Scenarios.”

5. Don’t be afraid of change

“The fear of success” is something we’ve heard about somewhere. On our journey to the top, we will be undergoing a lot of change. Do not be afraid of how great you’ll become. As long as you don’t have to compromise your morality, then I’d say welcome the positive change. Do not be afraid to learn new things, to move to another city or state. Do what will best benefit you. Do not allow the nostalgia of your hometown keep you from growing. If it is in your best interest to relocate, by all means do it. The key is to move out of your hometown at an early age (like around early to mid 20s) so you can adapt faster to a new environment. From then on, it’ll become easier to accept upward growth, and you’ll only get better from there.

6. Stop being a people pleaser

The reality is that we can NEVER please everyone, so don’t even try to do it. We cannot please every single person. No matter what you do, some people will admire it, but others may hate it. So, you mind as well just do what you’ve gotta do. You mind as well do what has been ordained for you to do. Fulfill your life’s purpose, and that is where you’ll find true fulfillment. Some will love it, others will hate it regardless. So, since you’ll be loved and hated, just do what you love. If you succumb to people pleasing you will never be happy, you’ll never get anything done, and it would be a waste of your time.

Oh, and even if you do try to please people guess what?

There will still be people who will hate you regardless. You can serve them an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top and they will find something to hate. They’ll still find something to complain about. So, stop people pleasing!! Stop seeking validation from everyone! They do not possess the eyes you have, therefore, they are no visionary. They cannot see what you see, and that’s OK. Go do you and keep it moving!

7. Believe in your own vision

Even if no one else believes in you, YOU NEED to believe in YOU first and foremost. You have to understand that you are the architect of your own life, no one else can create a better blueprint than YOU! So, do not rely on what others think or believe. This is YOUR journey. YOUR vision. Only you have the eyes to see that vision. This goes back to not seeking validation from others. You must rely on yourself to make it happen!

Do not expect people to believe in you!! Do I have to repeat that?

DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN YOU! Not even your friends or family. NONE OF THEM WILL BELIEVE IN YOU until they see the results. So, my suggestion is to keep your goals to yourself, and just take those steps on your own. Here’s a blog about why you shouldn’t disclose your goals. You don’t need to tell everyone what you’ve got under your sleeve. Just go do it! Keep your mind at peace and just find your daily flow of productivity. And remember that slow progress is still progress. Sooner or later you will see gradual change, but you will only see that when you put in the work. But in order for you to do that, you MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF first. Because no one else will! And don’t expect them to either!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Intwresting. What is your background? I like looking at the About page when reading someones blogs.

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    1. Thank you for reading!
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      1. For the second link you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom, there you’ll see my about page.


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