Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•S O L I T U D E•

Solitude is something I’m accustomed to,

As intrusive thoughts make its way,

Barricading the perimeter of my brain,

Making itself home.

Replaying the memories I dread,

Until I mastered the art of harnessing,

These seemingly harmless thoughts,

Seamlessly, sleeplessness inspires what I write,

Like right now, nocturnal turns all ideas into manifested concoctions,

A perfect combination of pain and passion,

Reminiscing the times, Insomniac nights almost turned me into a maniac,

Possible manic depressive symptoms,

As I was once overwhelmed by the perils set up by the tares, who sought to take me out without a cause,

I did nothing wrong, yet they often followed me,

No wonder why I nearly had PTSD,

Avoidant attachment because too many fakes hated me for no reason,

I was never made to blend in, but rather isolation is my way of coping with the shunning,

They’ve done on me for appreciating the shining light,

The Divine awakened me from,

I will never fold for no one in this world,

It’s been hell on Earth,

The battleground where souls meet,

For demons to reap from the weak,

This life wasn’t meant to be paradise,

But rather it’s a place where trifling lives thrive until they reach the end of time,

While the righteous inherit eternal life.

I, among many, are living proof that God’s anointing is powerful,

What makes me worthy? I don’t even know,

I never imagined I’d be qualified to walk this walk, abiding by the laws, due to my many flaws,

Past traumas discombobulating every step I take,

But I guess my heart is precious, and my pain was observed meticulously,

As He sees how much I’ve been treated treacherously,

By those who claim to be righteous,

When their hearts were far from it,

Many seek to kill the healers,

Jesus is proof that you don’t need to be a criminal to be on a hit list,

So I had no choice but to enlist as a spiritual samurai,

Who abides by the code of integrity from the Most High,

Otherwise I would’ve died.

As a former atheist, I realized I only had God to rely on,

While people keep plotting on my demise,

I keep on rising surprisingly,

I don’t even know how I’m even still alive,

I have no choice but to allow my faith to skyrocket.

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