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5 Benefits of Eating Clean Meats & Raw Leafy Greens

The Earth provides us with everything we need. They say you are what you eat. We become like the life we consume, and when it’s green and clean we will grow the same way that plant did. Whatever the animal ate, we will also consume, and become like that beast (This could be good or bad). Clean meat can only come from clean animals that eat greens. The Bible has dietary laws that tells you what animals are considered clean or unclean. Basically, scavenger animals are unclean and they eat whatever is in its path because they were designed to clean the Earth from debris and even carcasses. Whatever that animal eats, essentially you end up eating that very same thing. Look at what pigs eat, but so many people love to eat that pork though!

I used to love eating chuletas (porkchops) but ever since the spring of 2012, I’ve given up pork. When I stick to my clean eating ways, I find myself having great immunity and energy. Besides minor allergies, I haven’t been sick ever since. Wow! Yeah, I know, but everytime I try to go back to it, my body will simply reject it by causing diarrhea, nausea, or stomach flu, but it would quickly leave the very next day. This gave me a taste aversion to unclean foods that I used to crave. Now, my body only yearns for highly nutritious food.

When you eat raw vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens, you exclude any possibilty of a disruption to your neural receptors. Your eliminating the possibility of your body having issues because you’re not consuming the problem.
Here are 5 reasons why we should eat clean and add more raw vegetables to our diet, especially dark leafy greens.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed nutritionist or dietitian. I’ve done my own independent research on the subject because I care about my health, and I find this information to be very important for personal self-development.

1. Your Mind will Operate on an Optimal Level

This allows you to focus and concentrate better. You will have a keen eye for whatever it is you will embark on. Nothing else in the world will matter because you will solely put that focus on yourself, and on your own lane. You will be eager to learn and study. You’ll be able to retain more information because the words you read will speak to you, and you will remember whatever it is that resonates with you. Studying will become meditative and healing. More neural pathways will be formed because the vast nutrients and minerals in the raw vegetables you eat literally incites more sparks.

You may have heard of how certain fruits and vegetables can conduct electricity, and you can read about that here. Raw vegetables are like spark plugs that fuel your body with all that it needs to propel you to the next level. The same minerals that are in raw vegetables are the same minerals that power electricity, and the lists of them is here. Therefore we are adding more edible electrical conductors that will bring power to our temple. Your neurons will be on fire with all the minerals you power it with.

Also, it boosts serotonin levels which gets rid of depression. Salads and raw vegetables are like natural anti-depressants basically because of the nutrients and minerals it contains. The consistency of that rhythm will kill the depression to the point it no longer has a hold of you. It may not completely go away, or it may return just like demons, but one thing is for sure, that the spirit of depression will weaken the more you empower your temple. It will get to a point where your temple will be so on fire that them destroying you becomes a suicide mission. You become untouchable by the darkness and the low vibrational crabs because you’ve reached heights they cannot.

2. Clears Out Blockages in your Body

This includes blockages in your digestive tract that may still carry “old toxic poop.” It cleans your entire system, but it goes further than that. It also clears out any blockages in your energy centers: the nervous system network and the Meridian lines. This explains how you’ll stop feeling aches or pains because the surge of energy has gotten rid of the blockages that induce tension.

Also, you’ll notice you’ll see this pattern also in your circulatory system, your blood will flow more smoothly and faster, which prevents you from having heart problems. It’s like clearing out the traffic jams from your veins, which allows blood cells to move more quickly and efficiently. This allows you to work out longer because oxygen through the bloodstream will transport at a faster rate.

3. More Energy to be Productive

You will begin to have more energy to study, read, work out, and be more productive overall. That’s because clean foods have everything your body needs to work efficiently and effectively. You will not feel lethargic or tired because you’ve given yourself the best fuel. You will find yourself getting more things done, whether it’s mental or physical tasks. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you see how much you’ve managed to get done, and it becomes a positive cycle that keeps you going.

You will finally get some good sleep! It will help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm because your body will be awakened at it’s optimal state throughout the day, and by the time night comes, you will be tired. Your body will naturally crave rejuvenation as it produces its own melatonin, which makes you want to fall asleep at the right time. This allows you to have better sleeping patterns and sleep more deeply, so you get the best rest to prepare you for the next day.

4. Daily Routines Become a Permanent Rhythm

Everyday will be an auspicious one filled with tasks that must be completed, and you will get things done daily. You will enjoy doing so. It won’t feel like a chore, especially when you consistency see the growth. It will only push you to keep going and never stop. All you have to do is get the ball rolling. It’ll get to a point where you will operate under a flow that moves at an infinite rhythm.

You will not wake up feeling like everyday will be a dreadful one. You’ll begin to “eat to live, not live to eat.” You will look forward to drinking your power smoothie, fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth, and you will anticipate that healthy colorful plate to fuel you. Instead of looking forward to a deep fried, high-carb, greasy, fat saturated, heavily processed, excessive high fructose corn syrup and lactose, you will desire things that are healthy for you because you’ve trained your mind to crave what it needs to work optimally, not carnally. You’ve taught your body to desire what is actually good for you. This transcends into spirituality as well…

5. Your Spiritual Vessel will Abide By Your Cleanliness

A clean diet will positively affect your body, mind, and even spirit. When you eat raw vegetables, your body begins to get rid of toxins, and will start to clean and rejuvenate itself. Your mind will forge new trails that will allow you to think and learn at a faster rate without feeling fatigue. Your spirit will also follow along with whatever you feed your body with because our physical body is parallel to our spiritual body. We become what we consume, whether it’s food, media, habits, people, and environment. Clean foods promote a clean temple. You will find yourself no longer desiring things that are detrimental to you which not only includes food, but also your thoughts, vices, and people. Your body pushes away biological toxins just like your spirit will push away toxic people away from you.

You will not even desire to overeat or over-indulge in the foods you used to love to eat. You won’t have the desire to engage in vices and sins you thought you actually enjoyed. You will receive greater clarity, and realize that those self-destructive habits were instilled in you as an unhealthy form of escapism.

Certainly, all this is a process that takes time, determination, and preservation, but it is very possible when you stay consistent.
Once you have reclaimed the power of your mind and spirit, you will be in full control of our own self, and you will naturally desire to do things that will preserve your life, and bring peace to your soul.

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