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Arise From the Pain of Heartbreak (A MUST READ!)

It is now time to let go of all things that have caused you great pain and distress.
You may be crying your eyes out right now, but there will come a time when you will find out about a strength you never knew you had.

You have been beaten down from all angles. Plenty of weapons have been aimed at you from a distance, and you’ll be surprised by who’s been the ones holding the trigger, waiting for the perfect moment to destroy you.

You may have been shot down countless times, and these same people who broke you down had the nerve to fix their mouths with their gaslighting bullshit. We’re not having that anymore, and we refuse to deal with that mind-tricks-bullshit. That’s over! We’re shutting all that down.

We already know what it is.

We have awakened.

The pain from past traumas has awakened me into seeing the greater depths of the enemies’ tactics and it’s pathetic. I can no longer fear nor hate what I deeply understand. My vision has exponentially increased as I’ve been meditating for the past 7 years, reflecting on my life and many other things beyond that.

I’ve experienced some tumultuous moments where I was able to learn and grow to the point I achieved peace that I never thought I could. I am at peace with myself and my past traumas that date back to childhood, and it no longer has power over me. My cPTSD symptoms have diminished into nearly non-existence as I remain persistent in this healing journey. I have realized the power of the mind and spirit through introspective meditation, and therapeutic writing which connects me to God and elevates my consciousness.

Pain has awakened me into receiving more strength and wisdom to rise to greater heights. We will rise above all this bullshit, so whenever you’re ready, the path will open for you as long as you remain a good-hearted person. Don’t allow this pain to corrupt your good soul. You see, that’s exactly what they want you to do.

They break you down to the point you start to lose yourself, you start to act out of character because you’re hurt, frustrated, and unhealed from past traumas. You may have confided in the wrong people who pretended to be your friend. You have people out there who will gladly contribute to your pain then turn around and blame you for it.

They will mentally annihilate you in hopes that you don’t have the confidence to get back up again. They will try to make you feel undeserving of anything beautiful and prosperous that you’ve worked hard for. They will find ways to justify their abuse knowing damn well all the things you’ve had to endure throughout your life.

We’re all imperfect, yes.

We’ve been broken to the point we nearly lost ourselves, yes.

All these awful things happened to us while the counterfeits snicker and gossip about the pain in your life. Then, they may even turn around and praise Jesus as if their hearts were ever with Him.

The same people who broke you down were the same ones who made you believe you deserved to suffer by their hand. They will make you feel like you’re unworthy of good things despite all the work you put in to get it.

These are seeds of destruction being sown into your mind. It was meant to create trails of negative thought patterns, so that you continue to stumble in this walk. This causes you to suffer without them having to be around, and it can go on for years, so it’s time to release from that bondage by reclaiming our minds.

They no longer exist in our lives, so why are we allowing them to live rent-free in our minds?

Evict the uninvited from your mind. Tell the miserable company to GTFO! Kick that negativity in right in the culo! (ass!)

You know it’s YOUR MIND. OWN IT!


Tu mente es tu mundo, y ese mundo es tuyo! (Your mind is your world, and that world is yours!)
Don’t let them win.

Let’s make them lose right now.

Take control of your mind today.

Overturn all curses and all words that were meant to break you down and destroy you.
They wanted to make you feel worthless before you ever got to know yourself. This was done to prevent you from seeing your real self-worth and the great potential you have to elevate.

You know who you are, and you know you’ve learned from your mistakes.

You’re not a terrible person for making mistakes if you’re consistently putting in the work to become better. You put in so much work even in the midst of tears and breakdowns. You kept pushing forward even during the most difficult times where your chest was going through unbearable pain. You may’ve suffered from anxiety throughout all of that, and you still put in some work. I encourage you to keep up that good work because it will only get better from there.

The moment you arise from heartbreak is the moment you have chosen to own your own path, and you have appointed yourself to be the master of your own destiny. You become a very powerful force when your spirit is fed by God whom provides us with resilience, wisdom, and tenacity.

Your heart has been viewed, and the good-hearted ones will always prevail and ascend when it’s all set and done. The fact that you still have a good heart means that you have already won. You are the ultimate winner, and you don’t even realize it. A good heart has uncapped value, so keep your value very high, which means your heart must be locked in a vault until a worthy candidate comes into your life who will appreciate and love you.

Your mind begins to change the further you walk into your purpose in life. They tried to corrupt your mind and soul, but they couldn’t. That’s not who you are because that’s not who you’ve chosen to be. You refuse to succumb to the lower level. Despite all of that pain, you still refuse to be evil because you’re too strong to give into the lifestyle of cowards.

You know you’re better than that.

So while you’re mourning your losses of those whom you thought were supposed to love you, let it all out. There’s nothing wrong with letting it all out, and getting things off your chest. We’re still human, so take the moment to feel that pain digging deep into your soul. Don’t hide it, nor try to deny it because the longer you deny it, the more it will fester within you causing you MORE pain.


Feel it.

Acknowledge it.

Accept it.

Don’t live in a delusion. Wake up!

The pain is there, and yes it just happened, and guess who was the culprits behind that shit?

Oh yeah, you already know.
Oh, but you just can’t believe it, can you?

Oh, how could he?

Oh, how dare she?

Let it all out, so that one day you can let it all go.

Take as much time as you need to release and heal completely.

Eventually, you’ll be ready to rise up and get back to work toward a greater purpose.
Always remember what you’ve came here to do.

Don’t let anyone degrade or belittle you, and those who do that don’t love you at all. There’s a huge difference between constructive criticism and talking down on someone. Very huge difference! Constructive criticism is honest feedback for improvement, and talking down on someone DOES NOT come with solutions, and it takes away your motivation.

People who have good hearts are the real prize. Those who have good hearts are the most valuable people on Earth, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is essential that you get up again, and regain your power back.

Know your worth, and keep growing.

Accept what they’ve done to you, and move on without ever turning back. It will be the best move you ever made toward progress.

There is hope, so heal, and come back much more powerful than ever before.
Take this as an opportunity to prove everyone wrong, but most importantly, do it for you.

Shut off all the noise, and use your pain to propel you into the infinite sky.

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