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Heal & Unplug In Order to Realize Your Potential

Unhealed traumas can have you connected to what’s considered toxic because that’s what we’re familiar with. Childhood abuse alters your brain chemistry, so by the time you get older you’ll have a higher chance of getting into toxic relationships. It goes beyond our brain chemistry and neural patterns though. The spirtual aspect of things is often forgotten or not acknowledged, even though it’s very important.

On a spiritual level, there are familiar spirits working behind the scenes and recreating the same ol’ story that ends tragically. Familiar spirits have been stalking our bloodlines for a very long time to ensure our failure in whatever endeavor. Usually, the attack is on the family as it’s an institution that’s supposed to bring forth strong and righteous people, but when the structure breaks, it opens the door for evil energy to corrupt them. The goal for the enemy is to destroy families, so that it becomes easier to indoctrinate the children with toxicity by implanting the evil mark on them before they reach adolescence. That way, failure is inevitable, and the Kingdom of darkness will have its recruits.

We’ve been wired from our childhood to align with certain auras and people. Some of us have resonated with toxic traits as it strangely brings us comfort because we’re familiar with it, and change is scary. It can be confusing when those toxic people may have some good qualities too, so it makes us overlook the red flags if we can even see them. We just go with it though because we may fear the unknown even if that “unknown” thing is good for us. All of this goes on in a subconscious level, so it’s not something you can easily detect, especially if you lack self-awareness. Certain people are drawn to you, or you may have an affinity for them. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It depends on how far you’ve gone in your healing process. Self-awareness is key here, so that we don’t fall into those same pitfalls again.


Here’s what I learned once I opened my eyes to my self-awareness:

1. I needed to do more healing and focus on myself more. Going monk mode was very helpful in restoring my energy that I’ve lost time after time again in the previous years. Also, I was able to learn more about myself without interruptions, and unplug from the noise of this fake world. It’s important for you to know yourself before getting into any relationship or friendship.

2. No one cares about my problems and past traumas, so I have to work on healing myself. If you’re married, then the only person who should care about these things is your wife or husband. Luckily, I’m blessed with someone who does care. Other than that, once you reach a certain age, no one wants to hear about our childhood abuse. It’s our responsibility to heal, so that we don’t traumatize or hurt other people. It’s not fair for me to place my burdens on others, and I regret oversharing or putting too much of my emotional baggage on them. I realized that that stemmed from me keeping things bottled in during my childhood, so by the time I got older I was opening up too much without being mindful of other people’s boundaries. Self-healing has helped me break those toxic patterns as I focused on fixing my own problems and kept on pushing.

3. I was once co-dependent and unsure of myself and my own abilities because I was still young and learning more about myself. This is what attracted narcissistic type of people to me because I wasn’t at my best, so it’s easy for me to actually take what they said about me seriously. They will mind fuck you to the point you become the person they said you’d be which is not good at all. They will set you up for failure, then turn around and call you “broken.” They get a kick of out breaking successbound prospects before they reach their highest levels. That’s why they like to swoop right in before you recognize your true worth. Not knowing yourself and self-doubting your own potential makes you a prime target for them to invalidate you in order to discourage you from elevating. Don’t give people the power to stop you from growing.

4. It’s OK to be alone during your growth process. The only way you can grow is by spending time in deep introspection which will allow you to learn from past mistakes. It’s easy for me to embrace solitude because I’m already an introvert, so it’s heavenly for me. I feel like I get more things done alone, and without any distractions from other people. It becomes easier to detect energy leeches too because they tend to be extremely needy and selfish, so much so that they cannot respect your hustle and growth. It’s easier to cut certain people off when you’re comfortable being alone.

5. Everything isn’t an attack, and constructive criticism is important for your personal self-development. Just take it as honest feedback that will make you better than what you already are. Constructive criticism doesn’t mean you suck ass, it just means you have room for improvement, and that’s OK. That’s just a part of growth, and there’s no shame in that.

6. The whole world isn’t against me and not everyone is out to get me. I was operating on that “fight or flight” mode damn near all the time, and I had difficulty shutting that thing off. It got to a point where my discernment was so off that I would view my loved ones as possible enemies because of my wiring from being betrayed by those closest to me during childhood. I was being overly-defensive as a means to protect myself from threats that no longer existed. I learned to trust again, but I needed to open myself up to the right people. Trusting isn’t dangerous, it’s when you trust the wrong people that will destroy you. It’s crucial to heal in this area because you don’t want to push good people away and attract toxic people instead. If this goes unhealed you will constantly attract the wrong people who will prove your cynical perspective to be true, when in reality there are beautiful people out here that you will never get to meet unless you heal.

7. Know who you are so that you don’t have to depend on others to validate you. When you seek validation and acceptance from others, you are limiting yourself because you’re giving them the power to determine your own worth. They can either build or destroy you. Don’t give anyone that level of authority, but rather you should be the master of your own growth. If you give people that much power over you, they will utterly crush you into pieces, and you will be left feeling empty and worthless. Just because other people can’t see your worth doesn’t mean you’re worthless. It just means you need to take your power back, and start focusing on building yourself up. Your life is your vision, so you can’t expect others to see what was meant only for you to know. Know yourself before anything!


Many of us have been in dire need of healing. Life can break you into pieces and crush your soul into bits. Sometimes we lose our sanity in the process as our vibrations get lower. Being at a low vibration will put us in an unfavorable and vulnerable position for enemy attacks, and it’s the perfect time for those narcissists to come through and capitalize on our weak points during our darkest hours. This is why we need to focus on self-healing.
Unfortunately, we’ve had to deal with many tribulations, and there’s no way to stop challenges from coming. We can’t stop bad things from happening, but we can avoid the pitfalls by being very observant and always learning. We cannot control what others do, but we can control how we move. The keys to this are contemplation, foresight, and strategy.

Contemplation: The perfect time for meditation and deep thought before acting or making a decision. It’s not advisable to be so impulsive, and just do things on a whim. You can fuck up your whole life doing that. We have to sit back and think about what we must do next. This is based on the information gathered from your observations and prior knowledge. Also, you may have to be introspective, so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Foresight: Once you analyze the situation and information you’ve gathered, you will be able to come up with well-thought out conclusions. For some of us, foresight comes to us naturally, and we are able to put two and two together very effortlessly.
We can see what’s about to happen before it does, and this can either manifest in a dream, vision, vibe detection, and intuition. When your spiritual senses are heightened, it becomes easier to read situations, people, and places. It gets to the point where foresight becomes like second nature, especially when you contemplate on various possible scenarios. You must think about what’s expected to happen, and how to move based on the climate of our environment.

Strategy: This is where we finally determine the right strategy to move once we’ve weighted all our options of possible scenarios. We pick the best one, and run with it. Meanwhile, we also must keep the worst case scenario in the backburner, in order to be prepared for plan B or C when things don’t go as planned. The goal is to achieve no matter what happens because failure is never an option, unless we have to learn from those failures. Failure can be a benefit if we extract wisdom and information from it, and create a new strategy based on that. This also requires a great amount of adaptability skills and quick problem-solving. We must be able to come up with solutions on the fly. It’s best to have a solid strategy to serve as the backbone which can guide you throughout, but always keep other scenarios in mind.


Life isn’t linear. It’s more like a bumpy road, so we have to be prepared for anything. You know the world is wild!

The best thing to do is work on healing completely, so that you can be whole again. Once you accomplish this, you’ll have a much better head on your shoulders, and things will be much more clearer. You will be empowered by how much better you can spot bullshit from miles away, and remain detached from this fake world (the matrix), so you can make intelligent moves. That’s why you have to heal from psychological and emotional wounds, so that you can have sharper discernment. That way, you won’t be making stupid decisions based off of delusion, bitterness, lustful desires, fear, anxiety, or irrational defensiveness. So, go on unplug and heal so you can reach your highest potential.

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