Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken


I been morphing into this,
My senses heighten the more I,
Elevate my mind,
I never thought in my life,
That I’d be so kind,
The light from the Divine opened skies,
Reviving me when I felt like dying,
After all the poison I’ve been inflicted with,
It was a choice of mine,
To remain one of God’s children,
Who’s been missing
Until I became fixed ‘N,
No more poisonous fixes,
That only slowly
Diminish my existence,
Now, all I have is persistence
And a mentality of winning,
Plenty of falls were involved
That evolved me into
An empowered individual.

Todo ese veneno en mis venas
Me toca apenas,
No pudieron destruirme entera,
La Mera Mera se fortaleza sin limite,
Pero si que duele y quema,
Con esos duelos de tipos negativos
Convierto esa energia a medicina,
Que nos sube por encima de la neblina,
El cuerpo que sostenga vida,
Es el templo que Dios nos dio,
Desde el principio hemos sidos
Testigos de los espiritus,
Que exponemos con estos liricos.

And it’s a miracle that I’m whippin’
I’m build different,
All that venom they left,
Transmuted through my bloodstream,
Converting its toxic energy into,
A spiritual medicinal cure,
To get rid of the filth
From the handkerchiefs they’d spit in,
Smearing shit on our faces with it,
We’ve taken the blame for a disgrace,
The words of truth mace their face,
Pain is my inspiration
So all that hate will only make me great,
As the flames incinerate all weapons
Formed against me in this invisible war.
Words become swords that coerce the dark forces,
They cannot infiltrate through this fortress,
It’s already been spoken.

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