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The Chosen One’s Lone Journey: Pave Your Own Way

The first thing you must do is reclaim your mind. Take back the power that was taken away from you by those who’ve looked down on you. Your journey was difficult because it’s up to you to pave your own way. Let go of the things that’s holding you back.

Let me share a quick story with you:

This is a conversation between Ms. Entrepreneur & Mr. Corporate

He didn’t believe in her vision, so she kept explaining it to him. He comes from an affluent background, so he couldn’t relate with her for she has grown up in poverty but was determined to pave her own way. Of course, how could they both ever understand each other, right?

She strived to make something out of nothing because she’s very creative and mutlitalented, but of course those “talents just don’t pay the bills,” right? I mean eventually they can. It’s been done before which means it can be done. There are many successful entrepreneurs out there who make so much money that bills are the last thing on their minds, so I don’t quite understand what’s with all the doubt and discouragement.

She was just trying to figure out how to get there, and she didn’t care about going against the odds. Those odds are non-existent in a mind that’s persistent because we won’t quit ’til we get it, even if we die trying. At least we tried, right? You gotta respect the effort there. I know I do!

Anywho, she kept trying to explain her life’s goals to him, but he insisted that she do things his way which was by getting a degree, and becoming a corporate drone who’s identity will dissolve into dullness. He told her to just get any degree even if it’s just general studies as long as she has that piece of paper to validate her worth as a human being. Also, he must’ve wanted her to forget about her own talents, and ultimately lose her own identity. I don’t know!

(Sidenote: I’m not knocking you if you got your degree and a 9 to 5, alright? If what you’re doing fulfills you, then more power to you! I have great respect for those STEM careers, economics, and lawyers yes. In some cases, you do need a degree if you’re getting into those type of fields which are very important and necessary. However, everyone’s path is different. Entrepreneurs are also needed as they provide value as well. The problem I have is when people discourage others, and force them to forsake their own talents. My personal opinion is: I don’t see the point in spending years getting a degree only to end up NOT making that much money. At least if you get a degree, make sure that your field is high in demand, lucrative, and will yield greater opportunities to rise higher such as STEM for example).

He said to her, “But you need a degree to get ahead in this world. You can’t do anything without it.”

“You don’t need a degree to build your own business, and there are many ways to build your skills. I can get an LLC right now.”

“Yeah, well I’ma need you to get on my level.”

“Um, excuse me what’s that suppose to mean?”

“I’m not gonna marry you unless you get on my level, otherwise what do I need you for?”

“But I’m trying to elevate too. All this work I do, can’t you see that!? What are you talking about? You act like I’m not trying to do anything.”

“Building your own business is a lot of work, and who knows when it’ll finally start to pay the bills.”

“Yeah OK, and who said I wasn’t willing to work hard at it? You know I won’t stop, and I will keep trying until I die. That’s my mindset, so you can’t tell me I’m a bum!”

“Look, all I’m saying is I can’t be with someone who isn’t on my level. I’m going to be a highly educated man, so I will be highly sought after. I don’t need you where I’m going.”

She felt a pain in her chest. She responded, “I really don’t think you’re hearing me, but that’s OK. At least I tried. You know even though you just hurt me right there, I will like to thank you for being honest with me. I guess we’re just too different, and that’s OK.”

“I’m just saying everyone can’t be successful. It’s not easy especially someone like you who came from nothing. You’re poor and you grew up in a broken home. I’m just being realistic here. People who become successful get help, and not everyone has that.”

“So what are you saying? That I’ma just be a failure, is that it? That I’m not gonna be shit, huh? Just say it!”

“Not many people from your background make it where I’m making it. Like I said, I need someone who’s going to be on my level, and you just aren’t cutting it.”

“We have deep conversations. I’m not just good at cooking and cleaning, I’m also intelligent and gifted. The library has been my university before I graduated high school. I love knowledge so why are you acting like I’m stupid? I went through alot but you said I was ‘strong’ and you admired my resiliency. You said you love my writing. Now all of a sudden ‘I’m nothing.’ I don’t need a degree to increase my value because I have this right here,” she pointed at her mind, “I have a beautiful mind where infinite creations are birthed from. I’m working on mastering the art of creating something out of nothing.”

He chuckled, “You really are something else. I love the fact that you’re so creative and determined, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. You have many obstacles on your way, and it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to reach the levels I’m going to.”

“You know I have great potential, and I’ve been good to you, but I guess that’s not good enough for you. Ah, why do I even bother? And you know I was willing to be a good wife to you too. I love cooking as much as I love writing and entrepreneurship, but no matter what I say it just won’t matter to you. I guess this is it.”

“Yup. Good-bye.”

That was the end of that conversation, and you may have ran into situations like these where people just didn’t believe in you. Some may have belittled you or have been condescending toward you because they just thought you weren’t going to be shit, right?

A person who hasn’t had your struggles cannot understand your plight, and can’t see how hard you try. When you come from poverty and/or broken homes you have a lot of fighting to do. First of all, you have to survive that shit. Then, you escape and finally get back to society, trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t meant for some of us. We have to find our path and purpose all while trying to survive financially, fight spiritually, and overcome past traumas.

We have to do all of this alone, so we suffer in silence only to be met up with more heartbreaks, disrespect, and psychological torment. More roadblocks on top of that. Your hours get cut off. Agitated strangers try to piss you off on the road or on that subway train. Everywhere you go you run into obstacle after obstacle constantly to the point you feel like going off. Some people end up giving up because it’s just too much, and I get it. The weight of all of that is too much especially if you have unhealed past traumas. That’s why we need to heal, but it’s hard to do that without wisdom and when you’re getting attacked from all angles in life. Shits frustrating. It really is. But I’m here to encourage you to take a quick little break.

Get some fresh air.

Relax a bit.



Treat your body well.

Eat clean.

Feed your spirit.

After you do all that, get back up and start taking those steps. “Luego ponte las pilas.” (Then, put your batteries on). Yeah, put those batteries on so you can power up your mind. We need that thing ON. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re nothing. Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re nothing. Whatever path is meant for you IS MEANT FOR YOU, and keep going at it even if others undermine your value and purpose.

It’s your life, OWN IT.

Realize the power of the mind.

Everyone doesn’t need to believe in you. All you need is for you to believe in YOU.

I hope this has encouraged you.

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