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The Psychic Dreams Phenomenon

There are certain individuals who have the gift of receiving vivid dreams encoded with messages that can help us in our spiritual journey. Not only do we dream, but we interpret its hidden meaning too.
Such individuals tend to be highly sensitive to the spiritual realm and are clairvoyant. Usually, they’ve had this since they were children, and the dreams become more frequent and accurate the older they get. They are old souls who have these extra senses that are known to be likened unto “psychic” abilities.

All it is, is a deep thinking person who can detect vibes quicker, sense spiritual activity more closely, and absorb heavy amounts of information that allows us to grow with more wisdom and understanding at a very fast rate. This is possible through inquisitive minds who have an undying thirst for knowledge. Those who seek it will definitely get it because with more consistency you are increasing the possibility of achieving it.

Empathy is also what makes us very in tune with our senses because it allows us to feel what others feel on a very deep level. In our dreams, we can feel what others feel, and we gain insight by being in that setting with them. The power of empathy allows us to have compassion for others, and forgive those who’ve wronged us. Great peace is achieved when you have wisdom to make sense out of the turbulence of life.

How does one attain the ability to have “psychic” dreams?

It is really a mystery to be honest. In essence, everyone has the potential to develop these gifts. It’s just that old souls catch on a lot faster, but at the end of the day we’re all spirit beings living the human experience. We have to unplug from the matrix in order to be more receptive to creative ideas and existential concepts. However, most people are tapped into the grid, and they have no interest in what is beyond the physical realm. Most people will not unplug because it takes them away from their comfort zone, plus most don’t see the point in seeking higher consciousness and/or spiritual wisdom.
Most people don’t believe in the spiritual realm anyways including some religious people who miscategorize everything including psychic abilities as “demonic.” Even though, the Biblical prophets clearly had some type of spiritual gifts which allowed them to receive messages from God through dreams and visions in order to warn and inform others. I’m pretty sure that’s not an “evil” thing to do, but of course the prophets were very much hated because they were spreading the truth in a world that embraces lies. As you can see, most people hate the truth still to this day.

I do want to highlight that discernment is vital, so that you can determine which dreams have an actual meaning (or message), and which ones are irrelevant, meant to deceive you, or drain your energy. All messages aren’t for everyone to know, and not all dreams have messages, so we have to sharpen our discernment in order to ensure that we come up with the right conclusions.

How To Remember Your Dreams

You’ll have to master the art of lucid dreaming where you’re consciously aware that you’re dreaming. Conscious awareness while dreaming will enhance your senses, thus making the dream more memorable. When you strengthen your senses you will be able to capture details, imprints, and impressions of the dream by remembering what you were thinking about and how you felt in that dream setting. You take it all in, and use all your senses to absorb the stimuli in the dream realm. Look for any words, phrases, colors, sounds, people, buildings, landscapes, textures, places, location, theme, numbers, voices, etc. Also, try to relate a dream object with something from the physical world.

For example, you may hear a familiar song playing in the dream. That song only exists in the physical realm, but you were able to recognize it in the dream regardless because you resonate with the sound of it. You’ve attached yourself to that frequency in a subconscious level. That’s why music is so deep as its sound penetrates the soul and mind.

Another example, in your dreams you may be in your childhood home, and you can remember a lot from the physical realm because you have many memories attached to that house. Your senses will heighten even more, so you are able to receive more information. It can be difficult if you’ve had a history of trauma in that house, but it could also let you know how far you’ve healed and what you need to do to heal more. You can read “How Dreams Can Heal You.” It may take you to a dark place, but you will be consciously aware. Once you continuously activate your conscious awareness, you’ll be able to bring that information out, and actually remember your dreams when you wake up.

Not all dreams are sweet though. Sometimes you have nightmares coming to haunt you. Parasitic entities may appear in your dreams to bring fear and anxiety upon you that causes your energy to be drained. Be aware and stay in prayer to keep yourself at a higher vibration. You can read my “Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis.”

Wisdom: The Spiritual Samurai’s Most Treasured Weapon

You would have to be more in tune with nature, and really seek for the truth and wisdom in order to receive it. Humility and having a good heart opens you up to recieve spiritual gifts. It is my belief that God blesses those who have a compassionate heart of gold, not only that but also those who have the courageous heart of a samurai and the strategic mind of a soldier. We have to be strong and wise in this world because evil forces hidden within people can attack at any moment.
Sleep is the cousin of death, and while we’re sleeping the enemy is wide awake porque el diablo nunca duerme (the devil never sleeps). That’s why evil loves to roam at night.
We are in dire need of messengers who have a high amount of fortitude and are bold enough to speak out in order to enlighten, inspire, and heal those who’ve been broken by past traumas, toxic relationships, bad life experiences, spiritual attacks, etc. There are a lot of people in this world who are hurt, and they can’t get up, so we must help one another get back up.

An awakened and empowered individual can see things very clearly, and pick up on subconscious cues effortlessly because they are most likely old souls, so they’ve grown familiar with many aspects of life.

-You may be very good at detecting lies, and you meticulously observe body language and behavioral patterns which allows you to gain a hefty amount of information.

-You can feel the vibe of certain people, places, and things which trigger thoughts and visions that you find out later on to be true. That doesn’t sound like hallucinations to me. Sounds like some very strong intuition that can save you.

-You may have dreams that will fill in the gaps and provide you with more insight, and when you wake up to research or investigate you find out that it is indeed true. Wow! That doesn’t sound like it’s “just a dream.” It sounds like an awakened mind receptive to real information.

-Your eyes can detect enemies very quickly like a spiritual shinobi. Your eyes are like the kunai knives, and your wisdom is the samurai sword. No need to go crazy because the war is spiritual, and intelligent strategy is key to winning. It’s all about the mind, and the enemy loves to infiltrate our minds for a reason. Therefore, you must guard it by equipping your knowledge arsenal. The best way to formulate a good strategy is just to sit back and observe. Just like what this Bruce Lee quote says:

Watch as the synchronicity is taking place right before you. Wow! You will get a sense tugging you, letting you know that the connection is there, and it actually was a message (not just “some ol’ regular dream”). There’s no need to worry when you can sense things before they happen, so we can make better decisions. You don’t even have to ask for it because whatever we recieve is meant for us to know, so we can dig even further and catch the serpent in its tracks right before it was about to bite us. Their weapons will never prosper as it was written.

“But it’s just a dream though!”

The consistency is so real that you’d have to be a fool to deny it, so these aren’t just dreams, and believe me I was skeptical too. People try to label the awakened ones as “crazy” or having some sort of mental illness. There was a point in time in ancient history when dreams were considered sacred messages that would serve as intel, warnings, a form of communication, and a way of accessing information from beyond this dimension. Those who received these kinds of psychic (or prophetic dreams and visions) were highly regarded as high ranking wisemen/women in ancient civilizations including Ancient Egypt. You can read my other post titled “Why You Should Keep Record of Your Dreams.”

There have been too many times when some of us have had dreams that have warned us about certain places, people, and things. Then, you get up and within a few days to a week you see that same thing show up in the real world.

Don’t get me wrong though, some dreams are irrelevant. There were times when I’d have stupid dreams about randomness, so I’d just label it as a “null-and-void.” However, I would also get those intensely vivid dreams with a vast network of information and symbolism. I especially pay close attention when it’s a reoccuring theme because that’s a sign that we have to pay very close attention to this certain place, person, or thing. You can check out “7 Reasons Why You’re Having Reoccuring Dreams.”
We just keep our eyes wide open at all times while we’re here on Earth. There’s no need to be paranoid when we are in tune with receiving guidance from beyond. We remain vigilant without any fear because it has been shown time after time again that we are protected by God, and we only get better the more wisdom we accumulate.

Remember this:
“The wise appear insane to the foolish.”

The truth will shine through regardless, and no one can hide from the infinite light. Most people will not comprehend what this post just said, but hey if you do then I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I hope it resonates with you.

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